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The King's Avatar Arcs

The King's Avatar Arcs 1, The King's Avatar Arcs 2

Arcs Chapters Sub-Arcs Comments/Notes Key
Season 8 All-Stars 300-343
44 Chapters
Day 1: 300-313
Day 2: 314-329
Day 3: 330-343
Day 1: Tiny Herb's Rookies (300-308). Junior Beats the Senior (309-313)
Day 2: Mini-games with Pro-Players (314-321). Audience VS Pro (322-329)
Day 3: Aftermath of Day 2 (330-334). All-Stars Main Competition (335-343)
Creation of Guild Happy 344-391
48 Chapters
Defeat Guardian w/Spies' Help: 344-362
Thousand Waves Lake: 363-391
Defeat Guild Guardian w/Spies' Help: (344-362)
Thousand Waves Lake: (363-391)
Heavenly Domain 392-427
36 Chapters
Pro Games: 392-398
Chinese New Year: 399-409
Entering Heavenly Domain: 410-427
Pro Games: TH VS BR (392-398)
Chinese New Year: (399-409)
Entering Heavenly Domain: HD Challenge (410-418). Fighting 3 EE Players (419-427)
TH = Tiny Herb
BR = Blue Rain
HD = Heavenly Domain
EE = Excellent Era
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