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The King's Avatar Arcs

The King's Avatar Arcs 1, The King's Avatar Arcs 2

Arcs Chapters Sub-Arcs Comments/Notes Key
Intro 1-11
11 Chapters
Ye Qiu leaving: 1
Night Shift: 2-4
10th Server Intro: 5-11
Green Forest Dugeon starts: 7 None
FM Guild Party 12-30
19 Chapters
Spider Cave: 12-15
Emperor: 16-20
Retirement: 21-23
Skeleton Graveyard: 24-30
Spider Cave: Relationship between FM Guild and LG starts
Emperor: FM Guild better relationship with LG including LMM
Retirement: CG Background (21). YQ's retirement announced (22-23)
Skeleton Graveyard: Immersed Jade introdced and CG has a 10th server account
FM = Full Moon
LG = Lord Grim
LMM = Little Moon Moon
CG = Chen Guo
YQ = Ye Qiu
Breaking Clear Records 31-56
26 Chapters
Helping BB Guild: 31-42
Tang Rou's Intro: 43-56
Helping BB Guild: Dungeon starts (35-40). BB Guild's background (41-42)
Tang Rou's Intro: EN (43-45). TR getting into Glory (46-56)
BB = Blue Brook
EN = Endless Night
TR = Tang Rou
Wild Bosses 57-78
22 Chapters
Blood Gunner: 57-69
Goblin Merchant: 70-78
Blood Gunner: Meeting TC (57-59). Meets SBI when hunting Blood Gunner (60-69)
Goblin Merchant: MMU upgrade (70-71). (72-78)
TC = Thousand Creations
SBI = Steamed Bun Invasion
MMU = Myriad Manifestation Umbrella
Dungeon Records:
Against Excellent Dynasty
Liu Hao's Involvemnt
46 Chapters
Excellent Era VS 301: 79-96
Liu Hao Spying: 97-124
EE VS 301: BB Guild's CS (79-80). Helping TA & Teaching SBI (81-87). EE's game (88-96)
Liu Hao Spying: Frost Forest Records Again (97-107). New Strategy (108-124)
EE = Excellent Era
BB = Blue Brook
CS = Changing Spring
TA = Tyrannical Ambition
SBI = Steamed Bun Invasion
SMC = Su Mucheng
HST = Huang Shaotian
Tiny Herb's New Training Session 125-146
22 Chapters
Hunting LG: 125-138
Arena Training: 139-146
Hunting LG: Reserve Team (125-133). Entire Tiny Herb Team (134-138)
Arena Training: Gambling Match Start (139-146). TR Recruit(143,146). Guiding QYF (144-145, 147)
TR = Tang Rou
QYF = Qiao Yifan
Desolate Land's Record 147-194
48 Chapters
Breaking Desolate Land's Record: 147-161
Retaking Desolate Land's Record: 159-178
PvP with Blue: 179-194
Breaking Desolate Land's Record: Helping FM Guild (147-161). Ambush By ED Guild (155-158)
Retaking Desolate Land's Record: SMC Visit (159-166). Fire Witch Boss (167-171). Record Broken Again (172-178)
PvP with Blue: PvP Poplar Beach (179-181). PvP Yu Wenzhou (182-187). Hidden Boss/Idiot’s Guide (188-194)
FM = Full Moon
ED = Excellent Dynasty
SMC = Su Mucheng
Public Enemy 195-230
36 Chapters
Chased by 7 Guilds: 195-213
Revenge Against 7 Guilds: 214-230
Chased by 7 Guilds: LG Team Regrouping (195-204). Congee Forest All Out Battle (205-213)
Revenge Against 7 Guilds: Attacking Dungeon Group (214-222). KS Wild Boss (223-230)
KS = Kill Stealing
Tyranny Intervenes 231-253
23 Chapters
Chased by Tyranny: 231-235
Arena Bet: 236-253
Chased by Tyranny: (231-235)
Arena Bet: (236-253)
Christmas Event 254-299
46 Chapters
Lord Grim Steals Christmas: 254-299 Lord Grim Steals Christmas: Selling Guides (254-263, 293-299). TR's Persistence (264-274).
ED Hindering LG (275-279). LG's Strategy (280-292)
TR = Tang Rou
ED = Excellent Dynasty
LG = Lord Grim
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