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Manga: One Piece


East Blue Arc

One Piece is a Japanese manga that is writtren and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The first arc in One Piece is the East Blue Arc which is comprised of six sub-arcs. In each of these sub-arcs, we get to see characters getting introduced in which some will eventually join Luffy's crew. We also get a peek at the characters background story as the story goes on as well as the personality and dreams of these characters that will be in the crew. For Luffy, we got to see where he got his straw hat and why he treasures it so much as well as his dream to become the pirate king by finding One Piece. For the most part, Luffy is a carefree person and can get easily tricked as seen when Usopp was telling his lies. But, he can get serious when he needs to as seen in the many hard battles that occurred in this arc. Then, we see Zoro's determination of becoming the greatest swordsman which was a promise to a friend when he was litle in which Tashigi happens to have a similar face with. In addition, his determination to not show his back against Mihawk, who is literally the strongest swordsman right now, and promised Luffy that he will never lose again to anyone shows his dedication and loyalty to Luffy.

Next, we have Nami in which her betrayal was something that she wasn't willing to do so she did it secretly. Later we found out why she has a hatred for pirates and why she started a habit of stealing from only pirates. But thankfully, Luffy didn't doubt her and trusted her and ended up helping her town take down Arlong. The most heartwarming was when the townspeople revealed they knew why Nami did what she did was to help them, and decided to stop causing trouble so it doesn't put pressure on her to earn the money she needed to buy the town back from Arlong. Then, we have the liar Usopp whose father is a crew member of Shanks. Usopp's lies brings in the comedy as Luffy mostly believes them but as usual there is a story behind it. Usopp's father left for sea as a pirate ,which is a great honor, when he was a child and his mother was sick in bed but his mother always tells him to believe his father will come back someday. His lies also makes his friend Kaya happy since she was not allow to leave her house due to sickness. But Usopp also can be serious as we see during Captain Kuro's plan to take over the village with his pirate crew.

Finally, we have Sanji who is a womanizer and worked in a restaurant before joining Luffy's crew. But Sanji also has a soft side as we see he is willing to feed his enemy food when his enemy was starving. This is due to his past where he experienced a period of time where he too was also starving. His dream is to be able to see All Blue and was able to talk excitedly with Luffy about it and ended up joining as his cook. Besides the main characters, we also have some minor characters that we will eventually see again, such as Koby, Alvida, Buggy, Smoker and Tashigi, as Luffy and his crew continue their adventures, they will eventually meet up with these people. Overall, this arc was able to introduce many likable characters that we will see again and had many plots that were enjoyable to read.

Rating: 10/10

Recommend?: Definitely!