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Korean Webnovel: Solo Leveling


Becoming Stronger Arc

Solo Leveling is a Korean webnovel by Chu-Gong. In this blog, I'll cover the first three arcs, which I'll dub The Beocming Stronger Arc. The Becoming Stronger Arc covers three arcs from the webnovel: The mysterious "Double Dungeon" arc, Reawakening Arc and Instant Dungeon Arc. These three arcs follow Seong Jin-Woo's life as an E-Rank Hunter, whose strength is equal to those of regular humans, to become the only Hunter that can level up and get stronger despite being branded as an E-Rank Hunter. The first arc in this webnovel, is the Double Dungeon Arc. This arc covers a little bit of Jin-Woo's background and how he is called the weakest Hunter by the Hunters that joins the group to Dungeon in this D-Rank Dungeon. Since he showed up to participate in this Dungeon, many Hunters that were called were relieved because that means the Dungeon is a relatively easy Dungeon to complete. The Arc also goes over some background story on how the Dungeon just appears out of nowhere one day and humans have the ability to become Hunters by getting evaluated by the Association, where they either get a rank of E, D, C, B, A or S in which E is the weakest and S is the strongest. In this Double Dungeon we get to see Jin-Woo's ability to fight which is similar to a regular humans strength, and his ability to observe and think. Despite being an E-Rank, he was able to help save 5 to 6 people from the Double Dungeon through his ability by following the "rules" that the Double Dungeon has set.

The Reawakening Arc covers the aftermath of the Double Dungeon Arc and the System that has been granted to Jin-Woo for the events that happened in the Dungeon. Due to survivng the Double Dungeon, workers in the Association thought Jin-Woo had a Reawakening which might be the explanation of why he is still alive, but after reeavaluating him again, there is no change in his rank so the workers thought it migh've been a fluke that he survived. After waking up, Jin-Woo notice words floating in front of him but others that talked to him did not mention it which caused him to think it might be only him that can see it. This System has set up a Daily Quest to becoming stronger that must be completed each day by midnight or else there will be penalty to the Player which is what the System calls Jin-Woo. Through not knowing what might happen if he didn't finish the quest, Jin-Woo was taken to an area for the penalty of not completeing it. Afterwards, he made sure to complete the Daily Quest everyday in which he was able to see a difference in looks and ability after doing so for three to four days.

Completing the Daily Quest has rewards besides getting stronger. One of the possible reward is an instant dungeon key. The Instant Dungeon Arc will cover Jin-Woo's experience of fighting by himself in a dungeon and his increased ability he got through the System's help. His strength, perception and other abilities were tested through this dungeon. He was able to learn about the level up function of the System as he was able to gain experience from killing monsters in this Instant Dungeon. He also learned that he is the only one able to enter Instance Dungeons and that he won't be able to leave without killing the final boss in the dungeon. Through these three arcs, we get to see Jin-Woo's progress from being the weakest to being stronger through his perseverance and the System's help. From the way the plot is going so far, we can expect Jin-Woo to become stronger as the story progresses and hopefully he'll be able to surprise those that looked down on him.

Rating: 10/10

Recommend?: Definitely!