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Drama: Bitter Blood


Bitter Blood or Partners by Blood is a Japanese television drama that mainly follows Natsuki Sawara playbed by Takeru Satoh as a rookie detective that was assigned to the Ginza Police Station. Unexpectedly he finds himself now working with his father, Akimura Shimao played by Atsuro Watabe, since the head of the apartment assigned the father and son to be partners. With their opposite personalities and work ethics, the father and son duo created many comedic scenes that were very enjoyable. Although their personalites and work ethics may be opposites, they still work well together during cases. Starting at the same time as Natsuki is another rookie, Hitomi Maeda, played by Shiori Kutsuna whose father was the previous partner of Shimao. But due to a murderer, Kaizuka Takehisa played by Oikawa Mitsuhiro, her father was killed at the beginning of the drama. Others that work with these four are Hisashi Koga, Toshifumi Inaki, Koji Takano and Kaoru Togashi.

Each episode usually concentrates on one case or one issue that comes up that helps build character development. There are some plots that extends to two episodes which are still quite enjoyable, especially the suspense. However the main plot of the drama is the conflict between Natsuki, Shimao, Hitomi and Kaizuka. Kaizuka was the guy who murdered Hitomi's father and is now causing trouble for the father and son duo. His schemes usually involves time bombs where Natsuki must run to stop the bomb or save the person trapped with the bomb. Not much was shown at the police's side as the case of the murder of Hitomi's father went cold, nothing could be done so the schemes caused by Kaizuka caused the four to inevitably clash. Besides this main plot, the drama contain different plots for each episode which are still enjoyable to watch as there are plenty of drama, comedy, suspense and plot twists that are unexpected.

The character developments in this drama is also good. First, we have Natsuki who was a rookie detective that started out with having a grudge on his father who left him. Throughtout the drama, he slowly began to know more about his father and why he left them. He also grows as a rookie detective as he takes on cases and solves them with his team. Then, we have Shimao who begans the drama who doesn't take things really seriously but we found out that he is actually a responsible person and will act serious when the need arises. Next, there is Hitomi who started out as someone who doesn't want to be embarrassed by Natsuki since they both started being a detective on the same day but she does have a soft side which we can see in each episode. One of the running comedy that started in the middle of the drama is that Natsuki found out that Hitomi likes Shimao and that Natsuki likes Hitomi. Natsuki didn't know what to think about this information but due to his personality, by the end of the drama, Hitomi might've return his feelings.

Then, we have the other four workers that works in the Ginza Police Station. I feel like they were mostly in each episode for the comic relief but they still have their own character development. At least one episode of the drama was dedicated to each of them for their own character development. In these episodes we get to learn more about what they are really like and what problems they go through in life. Besides these four, we also have the head of the department, their boss and his son. The boss and his son also got their own character development episodes as we see the family life of those working as a detective. The episode that deals with that was both funny and interesting. Overall, I think the drama did a good job in developing the characters considering the amount of characters and episodes that were available.

All in all, this drama was fun to watch and definitely held my attention from beginning to end. The plot of the drama was developed at a good pace and were interesting that will definitely hold anyone that decides to watch this drama. The characters in the drama all bring in their own unique way to make this drama better as well as the actors that play the characters. The only complaint I have is that the number of episodes was too short, and hoped it was longer so we could've seen more character development and more suspenseful plot. Overall, this is still a good drama for those that are into detectives with a bit of comedy drama!

Rating: 10/10

Recommend?: Definitely!