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Chinese Webnovel: The King's Avatar Part 1


Starting Over: Chapters 1 - 124

The King's Avatar webnovel by Butterfly Blue may be long but once you start reading, I believe you will not be able to stop. These kinds of novels are what makes me love reading the most. Since the length of the webnovel is long, I'll be dividing up my blog posts accordingly to make sure the interesting parts are mentioned. For this part, I will mainly talk about what happened after Ye Xiu/Ye Qiu's retirement. This retirement came upon from a scheme that was behind the scene that I will talk about later. After Ye Xiu was forced to retire, luckily there was an Internet Cafe across the street that was able to hire him as a cafe manager. This may seem to be a major drop from being a pro player but since he spent most of his teen to his early twenties playing Glory, this job was good for him. Through this job he was able to meet two people that will eventually help him form his team to return back to the pro scene.

The first person is the Internet Cafe's boss, Chen Guo. She is a Glory player for five years and is a fan of Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng. Although, she does not know that Ye Xiu is Ye Qiu yet, she gradually listens to him whenever the topic is about GLory, especially for pro games. But most of the time, she gets angry at him for what he says or does in which she will gradually build up resistence to. As a player, she is a veteran but could not be consider an expert. Her skills are mostly business related as she took over the Internet Cafe about ten years ago after her father died. The second person is also an employee at the Internet Cafe. At first she had no interest in playing GLory because it was too easy. This person is called Tang Rou and has been working in the cafe for about two years. To most she is a newbie who has a fast hand speed which makes her able to beat normal players but not experts. After her battles with Ye Xiu, she started playing GLory just to beat Ye Xiu. Through this her interest in Glory increased and from this she's able to see that there is more to GLory than she orignally thought.

These two aren't the only ones he met. Eventually he will meet Steamed Bun Invasion who is one of the funniest characters in this novel. Steamed Bun is a player with a fast hand speed but his knowledge of in-game is considered to be a noob. Another interesting aspect is that the tenth server of the game just happened to be the day of his retirement. Through the tenth server, he was able to meet many in-game guild elites and these interactions with the guild elites are a must read. Most of these guild elites wants his help on setting dungeon record so he requested uncommon materials in return that he could use to strengthen his Silver Weapon. But not all is working well for some guilds. For example, Excellent Dynasty had to call for pro players to help them set dungeon records which caused Ye Xiu's business to decline. Through this dilenma, we see that the relationship of most but not all of the players of Excellent Era are not good with Ye Xiu as Liu Hao and Chen Yehui planned the events that lead to Ye Xiu's retirement.

Although, one Excellent Era player is still friendly towards Ye Xiu. This person is Su Mucheng. Her and Ye Xiu's relationship goes way back but will not be covered yet. Due to Excellet Dynasty messing up his business, he had to call her to help set a record that others will not be able to touch, even going as far as making a new strategy. This eventually led to another character introduction, Huang Shaotian. He is a pro player that loves to talk and of course he had to ask Ye Xiu on why he retired. From his help in-game, Ye Xiu was able to make a record that was untouchable making other guilds call for his help to set more allowing him to get more uncommon materials.

As you can see, just from these 100 or so chapters, a lot happened and quite a bit of characters were introduced. But besides the plot, I believe readers will also like the interactions that Ye Xiu had with other characters. His interactions with Chen Guo will usually end with Chen Guo becoming angry at him. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun are usually more mentor-like since they are new to the game. His interactions with the guild is also a must read for his shameless behavior. All in all, the unpredicatable plot and interesting characters are what makes this novel so great and worth a read. Please don't let the length of this novel scare you away because once you get into it, you will be happy that it is so long and wish it's longer.

Here's a link to a list of arcs from the webnovel for those who are interested TKA Arcs Part 1, TKA Arcs Part 2

Rating: 10/10

Recommend?: Definitely!