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Book: The Demigod Diaries


The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan is the side stories to the Heroes of Olympus series which is also by Rick Riordan. These side stories could be read after reading The Son of Neptune and before The Mark of Athena. This is only a suggestion as you can read these side stories after finishing The Son of Neptune. Now in this book there were three side stories plus another story by Rick Riordan's own son. The first side story in the book is about Luke's and Thalia's adventures when they both ran away from home and somehow met up with each other during the travels. You will also read how they met Annabeth before reaching Camp Half Blood. The second side story tells about the adventure Percy and Annabeth had for their one month anniversary. The third side story lets us read about the adventure of Jason, Piper and Leo, the new trio from the Heroes of Olympus series. Lastly, the last side story is about what happened to one of the demigods that joined Kronos' army after the war ended.

First, we have the side story of Luke and Thalia. In this story we were able to see how well Luke and Thalia work together as they get through normal demigod problems like fighting monsters and thinking up a plan on the spot. One thing I liked about this side story is that we get to read about Luke before he was manipulated by Kronos to betray the Greek Gods and Camp Half Blood. We are able to see his insecure side and worry about how to make sure all his friends are safe. Another thing I like about this side story is that we also get to see more of Thalia in action. Of course this was before she met Percy but she was still a great fighter and becoming a better leader. Besides seeing Luke and Thalia before the Percy Jackson series, we also get to see how well they work together and the bonds they share with each other from fighting monsters together and getting through each day of a demigod's life. Overall, this was a good side story that lets us see a different side of Luke and Thalia in which makes the fans like them more.

The next side story is about the one month anniversary of Percy and Annabeth. Percy being Percy of course did not think that their one month anniversary would be important to girls or Annabeth as they enjoy their picnic. Of course, being demigods the peace of the picnic was over when Hermes dropped by to ask Percy for a favor. Annabeth was against helping but Percy insisted because Hermes will reward them with something. One thing I like about this side story is that we get to see Percy and Annabeth work together again. I feel like in this story, their teamwork has improved since the last time they worked together in which going out together may have contributed to that. Another thing about this side story is that it's in Percy's POV again like the Percy Jackson series. Percy's POV always contains humor and sarcasm which brings more to the story. Overall, it was nice to see Percy and Annabeth working together once again and the ending was both romantic and funny which fits the story.

The third side story is about the new trio, Jason, Piper and Leo. The first adventure that these three went together was in The Lost Hero, where we saw their teamwork developing and their trust in each other. In this side story we get to see those again as they work together once again to prevent the Argo II from blowing up. Jason didn't really play too much part in this but he was in charge of finding Buford, a table. Then, we have Piper who provided help the best way she can. Lastly, we have Leo who was able to come up with a plan to capture the Maenads. This side story gives a little tidbit of information on what went on after the adventures they had after The Lost Hero. We also get to see them work together again before going to find the Roman camp and heading to Greek afterwards. Overall, it was a nice little side story that helped build character development to the new trio.

Lastly, we have the last side story by Rick Riordan's own son. In this story we got to learn about why monsters can smell demigods and more explanation about the Mist. In this story we were introduced to Alabaster who was in Kronos' Army but was kicked out of camp after the war. This side story was overall good because it was able to explain quite a bit of information such as monsters being able to smell half-bloods, how the Mist works and what happened to those that joined Kronos' Army during the war. All in all, this book allowed us to enjoy more of the Percy Jackson world by letting us read more stories about characters that we all know and love!

Rating: 10/10

Recommend?: Definitely!