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Donghua: The King's Avatar


The King's Avatar by Butterfly Blue is a Chinese Webnovel that has been adapted into a Donghua. The King's Avatar Seaon 1 Donghua has a fast pace but had a brillent execution of events that covered about 250 chapters of the webnovel. The character designs are great as well as the in-game design, Glory, was about the same as I imagined while reading the webnovel. The joys of seeing the words from the novel come to life was something I enjoyed the most from watching this Donghua. The expressions and the actions depicted made this more fun and interresting for me. The plot that the Donghua was able to cover was of course limited since the time of each episode and the number of episodes were restricted, but the pace of the story was excellently paced as well as animating the important events that occurred in the chapters covered.

Although, this season was able to cover most of the important details of the webnovel, there are some scenes I would've liked to see animated. Some of the interactions between Ye Xiu's Lord Grim and Seven Fields and his friends were missed as well as Ye Xiu's and Blue River's conversation about Desolate Dungeon's records. These interactions would have made the Donghua more interesting and funnier to watch because these interactions helps the watcher get to know Seven Fields, Blue River and Ye Xiu better and learn more about the game Glory as well. Even though, some scenes were cut out, the Donghua was still enjoyable and I definetly recommend for others to watch who are into gaming and anime, as well as those who enjoy The King's Avatar.

Here's a link to a list of arcs from the webnovel for those who are interested TKA Arcs Part 1, TKA Arcs Part 2

Rating: 10/10

Recommend?: Definitely!