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Manga: One Piece


East Blue Arc

One Piece is a Japanese manga that is writtren and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The first arc in One Piece is the East Blue Arc which is comprised of six sub-arcs. In each of these sub-arcs, we get to see characters getting introduced in which some will eventually join Luffy's crew. We also get a peek at the characters background story as the story goes on as well as the personality and dreams of these characters that will be in the crew. Continue Reading...

Donghua: The King's Avatar


The King's Avatar by Butterfly Blue is a Chinese Webnovel that has been adapted into a Donghua. The King's Avatar Seaon 1 Donghua has a fast pace but had a brillent execution of events that covered about 250 chapters of the webnovel. The character designs are great as well as the in-game design, Glory, was about the same as I imagined while reading the webnovel. The joys of seeing the words from the novel come to life was something I enjoyed the most from watching this Donghua. Continue Reading...

Book: The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes


The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle is the final book of the Sherlock Holmes series written. In this final book, there were many interesting cases written in Watson and Holmes POV. That's right! In this book we finally got to read some cases in Holmes POV which as you may have guessed is different from Watson's own thought process. For chapters that had Homles POV, we get to finally see the crime scenes in Holmes persepctive and how he observes the little details that will eventually lead to the solution of the case. Continue Reading...

What This Blog is About


Reading has always been a hobby of mine since I was a kid. Although, nowadays many people my age found reading to be boring which in my eyes think that they just haven't found the right book to get them into reading. So this blog will be about the books I have read and I will blog about them letting others know what I think. I will also include animes, mangas, manhwas, webtoons and webnovels to this blog. Through this blog, I am hoping to get others to read more and let others know more about other books that they may want to read but want to know more about first.

I have grown up liking to read and my love for reading has continued to grow as I got older. I first indulged myself with what I like "American Books" a.k.a. books published in America. With my interest in fantasy and detective books, I've been going to libraries, school and public, to get books that intrigues me.

As I was growing up, I was also introduced to animes. Most people would say animes are cartoons, which in a way they are but better. Again, I looked up animes that I found interesting to watch to past the time. However, as time went on, I discovered mangas which animes are adapted from. From that discovery, I decided to read mangas first before watching the anime as I found out that sometimes the plot in the manga are better than the anime since some anime deviate from the original plotline of the manga. Next, I found out about Japanese Light Novels where some mangas are based on the light novels written. So through my discovery, I ended up wanting to read light novels before mangas.

I would later be introduced to Korean and Chinese webnovels, webtoons and manhwa by a good friend of mine. From this friend, she introduced me to many Korean and Chinese webnovels and webtoons in which I've been trying to get time to read more of. I can say that these novels and webtoons are a must read to others that are interested as well because the few books that I have read as been able to pull me into the story and encourage me to read more.

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