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My name is Sammie Huang and reading has been my hobby since a long time ago. So, I have decided I want to blog about the many different books, mangas and light novels that I have read. I have also been watching anime for awhile now and would like to blog about my thoughts on the animes I have watched. In addition, I would also like to blog about the dramas I watched which spans from American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and/or etc. If I have time, I would also like to put up information on games that I play.

If you need to contact me, send an email through this email address, kudo_gohan@yahoo.com

College Students Tip

For college students who want to lower their expenses for college textbooks can go to this libgen site for free textbooks. This site has textbooks you could download for free and I've been using this site for the last two years of college. This site may have free textbooks for download, but it may not have the most recent edition so ask your professors if the previous editions are okay with them. Most are usually okay but some may want you to get the most recent published edition since they may take questions from the textbook itself. So please ask to make sure!