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Book: The Demigod Diaries


The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan is the side stories to the Heroes of Olympus series which is also by Rick Riordan. These side stories could be read after reading The Son of Neptune and before The Mark of Athena. This is only a suggestion as you can read these side stories after finishing The Son of Neptune. Now in this book there were three side stories plus another story by Rick Riordan's own son. Continue Reading...

Drama: Bitter Blood


Bitter Blood or Partners by Blood is a Japanese television drama that mainly follows Natsuki Sawara playbed by Takeru Satoh as a rookie detective that was assigned to the Ginza Police Station. Unexpectedly he finds himself now working with his father, Akimura Shimao played by Atsuro Watabe, since the head of the apartment assigned the father and son to be partners. With their opposite personalities and work ethics, the father and son duo created many comedic scenes that were very enjoyable. Although their personalites and work ethics may be opposites, they still work well together during cases. Continue Reading...

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