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Japanese Light Novel: Fate/Zero


Volume 1

The Light Novel Fate/Zero was written by Gen Urobuchi as a prequel for Fate/Stay Night. As a prequel to Fate/Stay Night, it helps establish some background stories on characters that appear on Fate/Stay Night. For those that have watched the Fate/Stay Night anime, I would recommend to read this light novel even though you may know what the general outcome is, the build up and characterization of each character in Fate/Zero is phenomenal. The great thing about reading this light novel before watching the anime adaption is that you can read about the characters feelings which can be missed when watching the anime. Continue Reading...

Korean Webnovel: Solo Leveling


Becoming Stronger Arc

Solo Leveling is a Korean webnovel by Chu-Gong. In this blog, I'll cover the first three arcs, which I'll dub The Beocming Stronger Arc. The Becoming Stronger Arc covers three arcs from the webnovel: The mysterious "Double Dungeon" arc, Reawakening Arc and Instant Dungeon Arc. These three arcs follow Seong Jin-Woo's life as an E-Rank Hunter, whose strength is equal to those of regular humans, to become the only Hunter that can level up and get stronger despite being branded as an E-Rank Hunter. Continue Reading...

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College Students Tip

For college students who want to lower their expenses for college textbooks can go to this libgen site for free textbooks. This site has textbooks you could download for free and I've been using this site for the last two years of college. This site may have free textbooks for download, but it may not have the most recent edition so ask your professors if the previous editions are okay with them. Most are usually okay but some may want you to get the most recent published edition since they may take questions from the textbook itself. So please ask to make sure!